So Alan has it all wrong - or does he?? (Part 2)

I was totally taken aback that my mail box only got one mail and it opened up the rest of the can of worms.

This is the mail:- “ Why do you mix worthwhile services to the equestrian community with absolute drivel.

You definitely do have it wrong. It was SASCOC who “Formed the new body” (SAEF). Nobody had a say at the time because of the appalling way the previous South African Equestrian Council had handled everything. SASCOC had to step in and put everyone in their place!! Dewald was elected then and there because SASCOC forced their hand and said members of the council had to be put in office on the day. There was no chance of nominations  and voting by the constituent members. That happened nearly two years ago now. So perhaps you should get your facts straight first. “

Boy I have to say then is this 100% proof that the wrong people are backing the wrong people?!  I also have to add that if this is 100% true then NOT only has SASCOC broken the law, but so has the new control body SAEF!!

And to back my “ drivel “ for this person, I have been there and just happen to know the law and believe you me, this WILL blow up in everyone’s faces, but only if the SA horse world really want it fixed.

I stand by my point that the SAEF is going against the country’s constitution, and is discriminating against all horse owners who do not have the big money, and cannot be part of the Societies that fall under South African Equestrian Association - which is the new name for SANEF. Then there is the biggest point and that is that this body only represents 20% of the SA Horse Sport, and, they do not even represent the breeds which also run Showing Shows for their breeds.

Just like the big fight over one body controlling AHS vaccine - this is once again the same thing! There should never be only one body as this is DICTATORSHIP and sorry, that is a billion percent wrong, and if the many horse owners do not get off their collective butts, this is a case of kissing the best SPORT with the best animal in the world the HORSE, goodbye!  

Yes I do understand that the government is making the cost of living totally impossible, and are working damn hard to kill many sports as it is getting too costly, they too are going against their own constitution, preventing people the freedom to practice their choice of sport.  Then there is the biggest problem, and that is that the government really does not care what happens to the horse and basically animals in general.

I ask one question. Are we going to let them KILL this sport of Kings for us???