Coaches Conference to be run by SASCOC in November

Please refer below to the information regarding the Coaches Conference to be run by SASCOC in November. This should be circulated to coaches generally – for all sporting codes.  A SANEF registered coach I know did not receive it from SAEA, so I have to wonder how effective the circulation of the notice has been in the equestrian world. I have looked on the SASCOC website, and could not find reference to the agenda for the working parts of the conference, but maybe I did not look hard enough.  (ie difficult to make an informed choice to attend if you do not know what will be covered by the discussions and presentations).  A lot of the principles of the coaching framework are sound and will add value to high performance athletes over time, there appear to be unintended consequences at all other levels.  I bought the Coaching Framework Handbook, on page 40 of this document –

Pre-coach – Pre-coaching roles will support assistant coaches and coaches in children’s and participation domains.  Pre-coaching roles are often played by parents or young adults in helping out with coaching, without having made a formal commitment to play a coaching role or to obtain formal qualifications. These roles are voluntary and provide an important pathway into coaching, as well as supporting the delivery of coaching at local level.  The roles are subject to basic safety and child protection guidelines and should operate under the supervision of a qualified Coach

Highlights and emphasis added by me.  This all begs the question just how will this be policed and enforced.  This is not my area of specialisation, I am just a mom with kids who ride.  I would prefer that this information is not credited to me.

I have been trying to locate a copy of the actual document (SA Coaching Framework) that informs the handbook that has been printed and which is available from SASCOC, for R 120.  Collect at their offices in JHB



Dear Coach

Some more information regarding the Coaches Conference during November 2012:

ANY coach, qualified or not, may register and attend this Conference.  If you are not qualified yet, click the option of "OTHER" on the registration process and mention something like "in process of qualifying" ......  you may then visit, and see about registering to do your exams or, for those over 40, to do the RPL option.

Once you have registered online on the SASCOC website, please remember to send Marika at the SAEF an email  ( with your contact detail and the disciplines you teach, and the province you teach from.  She has to complete another form on behalf of the Equestrian Federation to submit to SASCOC.

Some more information:

The 2012 SASCOC National Conference will be held on 16-18 November 2012 in Johannesburg, venue to be confirmed. 

The theme of the conference will be ' Beyond London' and will review the London four year cycle, as well as planning for the future. The event will consist of a series of keynote presentations, panel discussions and workshops, as well as updates and planning sessions relating to the South African Coaching Framework and South African Sport for Life. 
Workshops that you will be able to attend:    
. Coach Education and Development 
. Coaching Children 
. Coaching Talented Athletes 
. Coaching High Performance Athletes 
. Coaching for Inclusion 
. Policy, Administration and Officiating

Please go to the below link to register for the conference: