Dr Eric Fermet-Quinet from OIE in South Africa

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)

WOW TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING HAPPENING AT ONCE ... just guess who arrived in South Africa today for "visits and assessing the situation with 'Disease Control, Export Facilities and Reporting in South Africa" ... none other than the OIE. Today I received the following e-mail from Anette Steyn - DA Shadow Minister of Agriculture (and the one helping us 'fight for our rights' when it comes to AHS issues). She also sent a program so some of the places they will be visiting are listed below her e-mail. Please take note ALL horse owners as she asked me to share this with you ...

Hi Kathy

Hope you are well. I wanted to inform you of the visit of the OIE currently in SA.

Attached is a program for the WC and NC but they will be visiting all provinces.

Please ask your people to contact the local state vets to get information on public meetings in their areas.

This is the perfect opportunity to bring your issues under international attention.

I will also try to meet with them and give them a file of all my press releases.

Kind regards,


Itinerary for Dr Eric Fermet-Quinet

DAFF representatives:  Dr Mariétta Bronkhorst and Dr Phemelo Kegakilwe

Date Location Activities Details / bookings confirmed


04/10 Northern Cape Flight Johannesburg to Kimberley  Flight SA1101


  Provincial head office Kimberley

Kimberley State Vet office

Provincial lab Kimberley

Stake holders (RPO, NAFU, Wildlife Ranchers)

Drive to Kuruman (245 km, 2,5 hours)

Kuruman SV office  

  Overnight in Kuruman

Kalahari Lodge

053 712 1666

053 712 1664


05/10 Northern Cape Coops, auctions, abattoir in Kuruman

Visit McCarthy’s Rest border post with Botswana  (200 km, 2,5 hours)

Drive along border to Middelputs border post (50km, 1 hour)

Drive to Gemsbok Park SanParks (Stakeholder)  (100km, 1 hour)

Drive to Upington (265km 2,5 hours)

Askham police on the way to Upington to discuss border issues

Upington airport

Upington SV office  

  Overnight in Upington

Protea Hotel

054 337 8400



Northern Cape Drive to Springbok (400 km, 2,5 hours)

Springbok SV office

Local RPO

To Alexander Bay (220km, 2 hours)

Border post with Namibia at Alexander Bay

Drive to Port Nolloth (80km, 1 hour)  

  Overnight Port Nolloth

Scotia Inn Hotel

027 851 8353



Western Cape Drive to Bitterfontein (330 km, 4 hours)

Drive to Saldanha (350 km, 5 hours)   

  Overnight in Saldanha

Stone Castle

022 714 4743

082 552 7973


08/10 Western Cape Saldanha to Elsenburg (130km, 1,5 hours)

Cape Town Provincial office (Elsenburg)

Provincial laboratory Stellenbosch

Boland SV office

AHS zoning  

  Overnight in Cape Town

The Capetonian Hotel

021 405 5607

021 419 1553


09/10 Western Cape Cape Town port of entry

Quarantine station Milnerton

Horse export quarantine Kenilworth

Drive to Swellendam (213 km 3 hours)  

  Overnight in Swellendam

Langeberg Lodge

082 062 1320


10/10 Western Cape Swellendam SV office

Ostriswell abattoir

Local industries (dairy, ostrich)

Drive to George (214 km 3 hours)  

  Overnight in George

Town Lodge George

044 803 4000

044 803 4010


11/10 Western Cape George SV office

Mosstrich abattoir? (50km, 45 minutes)

Drive to Oudtshoorn (60km 1 hour)

Ostrich farms

Meet local industries (SAOBC)  

  Overnight in Oudtshoorn

Hlangana Lodge

044 272 2299



Western Cape Visit Klein Karoo abattoir and related businesses in Oudtshoorn

Travel to Beaufort West (180km 2 hours)

Game farms

Beaufort West State vet office  

  Overnight in Beaufort West

Ko-Ka Tsara Bush Camp

021 702 1236 (Head Office)

021 701 9632 (Call centre)


13/10 Northern Cape Travel to De Aar  (286 km, 3 hours)

SV office De Aar

Local farms


Travel to Kimberley (300 km, 3,5 hours)  

  Take 15:00 flight to Johannesburg

To guest house in Pretoria

Flight SA1106



14/10  Rest  

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