Now you can Join as a Society / Club or as an Individual.


After a long and hard think about how the Equestrian Society can help the horse and build the "Sport of King's" here is the answer.

You now create your own Club or Society where you live and then as such you join the Equestrian Society for a small fee of R120 ( $18 ) per year. If you can not form a Club or Society then as an individual you can also join with the same costs.

This Fee is the Club's/Society's/Individual's Registration Fee, then every person that makes up your Club/Society or privet must pay R5 X 12 = R60 ( $5.25 X 12 = $63 ) per horse, how ever the more horses one owns the less you pay for each one.

Click here for the full costing table and membership form.


The point is that the Equestrian Society is here for the Horse so in stead of the Human being a member the Horse is the member.

It must be pointed out that the cost for all other countries is in USD which works out at $18 and $9.

As we can only except USD you will have to work your country's currency to the USD. Sorry for this as we work from South Africa and our bank excepts "PayPal" which works in USD only.

The Equestrian Society is here to build the "Sport of King's" and not exclude any one because of Money.

For more information and to find out how you can join e-mail us at





To make payment out side of South Africa click on the link at the top and join *"PayPal" if you are a member of *"PayPal" then follow the link. To all in South Africa e-mail us and we will send you the bank info for you to make payment.


*Will set up "PayPal" when we get International Members


"Reference to Sport of King's is all Horse Sports"

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