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The Rate Card.

One Site Cost per Month.

Side Bar



Banner Advert



2 Website's

Payment up frount for 6 Months

Side Bar

R250 = R1500

$34 = $204

Banner Advert

R400 = R2400

$54 = $324

2 Website's

Payment up frount for 12 Months

Side Bar

R200 = R2400

$27 = $ 324

Banner Advert

R300 = R3600

$40 = $480

Side Bar and Banner adverts come with a full page advert as well.

NB: All cost in ZAR can be deposited directly in to our bank. All other currencies must be paid in USD and can be paid using "PayPal".

Full details of how to place your advertising on my WebStable
e-mail and I will then mail you what to do before we post your advert.

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The Advertising Rates for the WebStable

Rates per Month.