The first Equestrian Society for the horse.

The society has a chairperson and this roll is one of "Overseer".

There is a committee that will assist in running the society and help the chairperson to oversee everything.

Who is the the Founding Chair and what is his back ground. Click here for that information.

The society has only 3 Rules.

1)     The horse is the most important thing.

2)     Horsemanship.

3)     Sportsmanship.

How and who will police the 3 Rules?

The answer is very simple. The members themselves will do so with the incentive of a reduction of their membership fees. If an owner of a horse does not wish to adhere to the 3 RULES then they will be ask to leave.

The drive behind this new society is to build the good of the horse and start getting people together that have the same drive. The new Equestrian Society has no room for any kind of politics and people that do not support the 3 Rules.

The society will have 3 types of membership.

1)     Full Membership = the rider/horse owner. R240 + R60 admin for first year. (3 Votes)

2)     Half Membership = the horse owner & rider only. R120 + R60 admin for first year. (2 Votes)

3)     Associate Membership = the sponsor/judge and non horse owner/rider. FREE. (1 Vote)

Everybody can join and there will be NO discrimination whatsoever.  EVERYONE can enter and compete at any show. Therefore able and disabled can compete at the same show at the same time.

There will be 3 levels of the society.

1)     Interschool's / Development.

2)     Training Shows

3)     Licensed Rider.

The first level which is the “Interschool's / Development “ this is where the new riders get the chance to find out about the sport and get their feet wet. From here we move to the next level and that is the training shows where all riders train to get to the 3rd level and that is a licensed rider.

There is a cost to get your license which will be R120 and the rider will be at the start of the top levels.

For Showjumping this will be when the rider is jumping 1.10 m and up. For Dressage this will be at ___________ and so for all the disciplines the licensed rider will be at the same level.

The new Equestrian Society will start a total new grading for ALL Riders and Disciplines which should bring South Africa more in line with the rest of the World.

The only difference at this time is that with in South Africa a licensed rider will be able to bring young horses on, but once again the time spent doing so will be closely monitored under the “Sportsmanship Rule”. The point is a licensed rider may not sit at a height for a long time, if the horse can not go up in height then a plan must be made.

Showjumping will work on height.

There will be NO HC for any discipline.

The 3 Age Groups.

Children : - 0 to 16 years.

Young Adults: - 16 to 21 years.

Adults: - 21 to 99 years.

Please keep in mind that a child and a young adult can be a licensed rider based on the level they compete at. All though the child and or young adult may be on a pony as a licensed rider, a horse and a pony will be judged and scored separately.

It must be understood that all though the Society does not discriminate against anyone, there is a difference between a Horse and a Pony and therefore one must keep all Horses competing against Horses and Ponies against Ponies. The new Horse Society does not believe that they cannot compete at the same time.

If one takes Showjumping and the height is 90cm all riders jumping at that height will do so at the same time, just that the rider on a Horse will have a (H) and the Pony a (P) behind their name and the results will be worked out against that. So there will be the top 3 ponies and the top 3 horses.


The new Equestrian Society will not ask for any moneys from the venue, but if the venue does not send in results within 2 days after a show then there will be a fine. At this time no figure has been worked out. All that the society asks, that the venue use the saving to go to prize money. 

All venues must send their show dates and entry forms to be published on the website FREE and so must all results from shows be published.

It must be noted that the Society will be working on getting sponsors for all the venues that join.

The Bottom line, the bigger the prize money the more entries and the more money everybody will make and the sport will then grow.

The aim of the new Equestrian Society:

To get all 17 disciplines under one body and also to get the “Horse Racing”, “SA Pony Club” and the SAL to also join.

Dressage, Driving, Endurance, Equitation, Eventing, , Horse Polo, Horse Polo Cross, Reining, Saddleseat, Showing, Show Jumping, Tent pegging, TREC, Vaulting, Weston Riding, X-treme Fun Riding

Horse Racing, SA Pony Club and South African Lipazzaners.

Showjumping has been used as the gage as it is the easiest of all the disciplines.

As the membership starts growing and we get people from all 17 disciplines on board the Society will up date this info and the website.

This is why the 3 memberships have votes, it's  to make sure that this Society keeps on the track and stays true to why it was created in the first place.

If you have positive building input and or info to be add at this time, just e-mail the Chairperson.

Chairperson E-Mail:

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