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 Cambiaso’s team comfortably ahead of Las Monjitas, Magual overcomes La Natividad La Dolfina closer to securing berth in final, Magual causes an upset The third round of matches corresponding to the 120th Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo HSBC saw La Aguada...


Statistics referred to the Ellerstina vs. La Aguada and Alegría vs. Chapalefú matches AAP: The Official Figures Statistics of Round 3rd. at Palermo, by the Asociación Argentina de Polo Alegría 19 –...


Alegría defeats Chapaleufú by 3-goals and is now vying for berth in final with clash against Ellerstina Hilario Ulloa: “That wasn’t our best match, but we reached our objectives” There was an strange mood at the Alegría Sancor Seguros quarters after the team’s 19-16 win...


Ellerstina’s hard-won win against La Aguada, with team’s star scoring goal in OT Mariano Aguerre: “We got going in time and we’ve got “the Maestro” Facu... Most people could not have foreseen the type of match between reigning Palermo champions Ellerstina Piaget and...

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7 Tips For Teaching Beginners On The Lunge

People learn to ride in many ways and are instructors have developed many different routines and procedures to teach their beginner riders. The more experienced the instructor is the more the procedures are fine tuned so that the beginner rider remains safe while learning to ride in the most efficient manner.

I am a strong believer in teaching beginners on the lunge. They can focus on gaining their balance and confidence while the instructor focuses on controlling the horse in a pace that is most beneficial to progress the skills of the rider. As soon as the beginner rider is able to walk and trot without balancing on the horses’ mouth and thumping them in the back then they can progress to the next stage of riding without the lunge in a confined area.

Here are just 7 of these tips for teaching beginners on the lunge. Read More...

(Ms) Glenys Cox
Director - OnlineHorseCollege.com

Risk Management Plan

Let’s face it, riding is a high risk sport.

Horses can Horses are unpredictable by nature and act on instinct, which could involve biting, kicking, shying and rearing.

I know I could write a complete book on risk management in the horse industry but I don’t have time today.

To get you thinking, use good management and horse sense to implement these five steps that will help you minimize this risk.


A good horseperson does not necessarily react to what the horse is doing now,

They will anticipate what the horse is going to do next and be prepared for it

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